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    Adding RSS Feeds to Your Website

    What is an RSS Feed ?

    RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feeds are free content feeds from websites, that contain headlines, summaries and links back to full articles on the website that the feed originates from. These feeds can add a lot of appealing, fresh content to your website that will make your website more interesting for your visitors.

    You can select from several feeds that are available to you from the library of RSS feeds or you can manually add your own feeds for topics that interest you. It is very easy to put RSS feeds on your website through your control panel whether you select a pre-made feed or manually add your own.

    You can get RSS feeds from many sources. Most major news / media websites have dozens of RSS feeds available on their website. You can click on RSS feeds on one of these websites or search for RSS feeds on a search engine. Once you find the one that you want, click on XML or RSS and copy the link in the address bar. That is the URL that you will enter when asked to enter the URL of your feed.

    On the "RSS Feeds" Page of your website click on Set Up and follow the easy instructions below.

    To select a pre-made RSS feed:
    1. Select - I want to select a premade feed
    2. Select Category Of Your Feed:
    3. Select A Feed:
    To select your own RSS feed.
    1. Search for RSS feed and the topic you are interested in on a search
      engine or go directly to a website that you know has RSS feeds.
    2. Click on the RSS link of the website.
    3. clickonRSSlink

    4. Click on the XML button or the actual link of the feed that you are interested in.
    5. clickonXMLbutton

    6. Copy the link in the address bar of the feed that you selected.
    7. copyLinkinAddressBar

    8. In your control panel, on the News Feeds page, select - I want to manually enter the link for the feed.
    9. Enter the title of the feed you just selected:
    10. Paste the URL of the feed you just copied:
    11. pasteURL
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