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    Adding Custom Questions to Tickets

    Step 1:

    You can add custom questions to collect additional information when a person purchases your tickets on the website. (Name, email, phone number, and billing address are automatically collected per transaction.) This can be done either during the ticket creation process or added to a ticket after it was created.

    To start, once you are logged into, click the tab at the top left for 1. Set Up. Then under My Tickets on the left, click on Setup Tickets.

    Step 2:

    You'll see the form for creating the tickets in the middle section. If you are creating a new ticket, start filling in the form here.


    If you scroll down, you’ll see any previously created tickets, with an Edit and Delete option. If you wish to add custom questions to one of these tickets, click on Edit and the form at the top will show that ticket’s information so it can be edited.

    view Tickets

    Step 3:

    After you either started creating a new ticket or choose to Edit a ticket, you’ll see the box below as part of the form. (Note that if you do not fill in the form at the top to create a new ticket or click Edit on an existing ticket, if you use the Add Custom Questions option, it will not apply to any ticket.)


    If you click the box next to Add Custom Questions, it will add a check to the box and then show the below additional options.


    The first option, I want to add a custom question to each ticket on the transaction., means that the question you create will be asked for every individual ticket of this type that is purchased. So if a person goes in a selects to buy 2 of this ticket at the same time, they will be asked your custom question 2 times.

    The second option, I want to add a custom question only to the first ticket on the transaction., means that if a person buys 2 or more of the same ticket at the same time, the custom question will only be asked once for their entire payment or transaction.

    (Note that you can add questions for both per ticket or per transaction by returning to this area later to select the other type after creating questions for the first type.)

    Step 4:

    Select how you want the question applied by clicking the circle in front of the type you want, and you will then see the options to start creating your custom question.


    Step 5:

    The next step is to select the type of response you want the purchasers to provide in answer to your question. To the right of where it says, Select Type of Field:, click on the dropdown box and select the type of response. For example, if you want someone to write in their answer as text, select Text. If you want someone to choose from the answers you provide, select Multiple Choice.


    Step 6:

    Once you have selected the type of field, you will see, Enter Prompt Next to Field. This is where you type in your question as you want it to appear for those that are purchasing.


    Step 7:

    You can then click in the circle to choose yes or no for whether the field is required. By selecting yes, a purchaser must respond to your question by selecting an option or typing an answer in order to proceed with their purchase.

    If you selected the type of question to be Multiple Choice, you will see an additional option, Enter Number of Answers:.


    Use the drop down menu to select the number of answer options you wish to provide. This will provide the same number of empty boxes under the drop down.


    Use these boxes to type in the answer options you wish the purchaser to select from when answering your question.


    Step 8:

    You can now add the custom question to the ticket. Note that there is a Submit Custom Field and Submit button for the ticket lower down. Be sure to click the Submit Custom Field button to add your question first. Clicking the Submit button will save your ticket details, but may not save the custom question information you just filled in.


    Once you click on the Submit Custom Field, you’ll see the form for the custom questions resets, and the question you created shows below with its own, Edit and Delete buttons. This allows you to create additional questions asked on the same ticket by clicking the drop down next to Select Type of Field.

    Once you are done creating all the custom questions you want for this ticket, click the lower Submit button to save the ticket changes.


    Editing Custom Questions:

    Once you have added custom questions to a ticket and completed the ticket by clicking the main Submit button, you can return to edit the questions at any point. You would return to the 1. Set Up tab and go down to the Setup Tickets section. You must then scroll down and click Edit on the ticket that the custom questions were connected to.


    Once you click Edit, you will see the ticket information on the form at the top and you will see the custom questions you created, listed under the standard options, however you cannot Edit the custom question here.


    If you scroll down, you’ll see that the Add Custom Questions box is un-checked, so to edit the questions, you’ll first need to click the box.

    addCust omQuestion

    Then you will need to click the circle next to the type of question, whether it was per ticket or per transaction. (If you select the type of question different than what the custom question was entered as, you will not see options to edit that question.)


    Once you have selected the question type, you will see the question listed again, with the Edit and Delete buttons.


    Click on Edit and the information for the question will appear in the form for you to make changes.


    Once you have made the changes you want, click on Submit Custom Field and then Submit to save the ticket.

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