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    Archiving Transactions

    All of the transaction or e-commerce report pages allow you to store specific transactions in an archive so they will not be part of your current reports. Archiving allows you to clear old ticket names from the Who's Coming page or clear the total donations amount and recent contributor comments from the Donation page, and can help you better organize reports of previous events.

    To get to the archive feature

    1. Click the My Content tab
    2. Click the page in the Edit Pages column where the funds were collected
    3. Click on the Report feature in the Edit Features Column. (In the example shown, we are using the Buy Tickets page where we need to specifically click the Transaction Report.)
    4. archivingFeatures

    To archive transactions on this page

    1. If you have several pages of transactions to archive, use the drop down box next to “Entries by page” to set the maximum number of entries per page. You can only move transactions shown on the current screen.
    2. You can now either use the "Select All" option (1), the check box for selecting all (2), or check the boxes for individual transactions next to each transaction (3).
    3. Click the drop down box that says "Move To" inside
    4. Click the option in the box "Create New Archive"

    5. Click in the new box next to Archive name and enter something you can use to identify your past transactions
    6. Click on Submit next to the Archive name box

    The transactions will now be in the archive and no longer appear on the regular report.

    View an Archived Transaction

    If you wish to view the transactions you have moved into an archive, click the box next to "Select Archive" and then click on the archive name.

    The new archive name will remain in the box and the on screen report will be transactions from the archive.

    If you wish to Delete an archive or Edit the archive name, you can use these features next to the Select Archive option after selecting it.

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