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    Creating Custom Forms On Your Website

    (Premium Feature) The custom form feature allows you to create your own custom forms on your website. You can create any kind of form you need. Some examples of commonly used forms are:

    • Subscription forms
    • Registration forms
    • Reservation forms
    • RSVP type forms
    • Contact forms
    • Surveys
    • Contests
    • Any Form
    Visitors to your site are able to respond to your specific questions right on your website and the data is stored in your control panel. Once a visitor fills out the form on your website, you can choose to receive an automated email notification with the information from your visitor. You can download reports in Microsoft Word, or Excel, or you can view the report in your control panel.

    1. Click on Custom Form, then on Setup
    2. clickonCustomForm

    3. Choose a pre-made form (reservation, request for quote, suggestion, customer satisfaction, or registration) or create a new form
    4. choosePremadeForm

    Creating a New Form

    1. Select the type of field that is appropriate for the type of answer you desire (e.g. I want to know who is submitting the form, therefore a text field is appropriate).
    2. selectTypeofField
    3. Type out the question you are asking (e.g. Name).
    4. Choose whether or not you want the field to be required (meaning that the form cannot be submitted unless this question is answered).
    5. Click on Submit.
    6. clickonSubmit
    7. Continue creating your form by making more text fields, paragraphs (for longer responses), multiple choice (one answer), and multiple choice (multiple answers). You can also use pre-formatted fields such as Country, State (US) and Provinces (Canadian).
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