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    Search Engine Optimization

    Be pro-active and drive users to your website. You can increase the effectiveness of your website by making sure it connects with your online target market.

    3 tips to help you increase your site's natural ranking in search engines

    1. Create unique meta tags (title tag and descriptions) for each of your pages
    Unique meta tags help search engines categorize your website and also help to increase your click-through rate from the search engine result page by having a tailored message that speaks to your client-base.

    Meta Title: 60-80 characters

    Meta Description length: no more than 150 characters

    Create unique meta tags

    Once you create your free trial website, simply go to the Help Center to find out how to update your title tag and meta description tag.

    2. Increase the keyword density on each of your pages

    By increasing the number of instances of your main keywords (ex. Handmade wool sweaters) on your pages, you"re effectively telling the search engines that your website is focused in a particular niche. If you have multiple products (like handmade wool scarves and handmade wool hats), create unique pages for each of your products so that you have unique keywords for each of these pages. A good balance of keywords is required, if you have too many of the same keywords, your pages will look spammy to the search engines. A good rule of thumb is, if it makes sense and reads well for your visitors, it will also be valued by the search engines.

    3. Build linking relationships with other websites

    High quality and content-related websites that link to your website act like endorsements to both search engine crawlers and visitors. The more sites that link to your website, the higher you will rank in the search engines and the more likely people will find your site when browsing the web.

    By using the Links page in your website, you can create a linking program whereby you exchange links with reputable websites in order to increase your PageRank as well as boost the amount of visitors to your site. This can sometimes be a rewarding marketing strategy as long as you don"t exceed 100 links per page (Google views more than 100 links per page as spammy).

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