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    Using a Domain Name

    1. Selecting a Domain Name

    When you start a free trial with we let you select a temporary address like When you purchase a website subscription, we let you select a domain name like to be the new address of your website. Assuming your domain name choices are available, your domain name will be registered and working as the address of your site within 5 minutes of purchasing a subscription.

    2. If You Already Own a Domain Name

    If you'd like to have an existing domain name you already own be the address of your website with us, you'll need to change the Domain Name Server(or DNS) settings with your registrar (the site where you bought the name). You may also see this listed in a section entitled "Name Servers". You can change the DNS settings to the following:

    Primary DNS: NS1.MYEVENT.COM

    Secondary DNS: NS2.MYEVENT.COM



    It takes 24 hours for the DNS change to take effect. Please email us back after you've made the DNS changes and let us know the new domain name and current address of the site. We will then set the domain name as the address of the site.

    PLEASE NOTE: Some registrars, especially, make it easy to "forward" or "mask" your domain name, rather than change the name servers. This lets you point a domain name like to your site while hiding that the real address of your site is still something like . This is slightly easier to do than changing your name servers to point your domain to your site.

    PLEASE DO NOT USE FORWARDING. Since it rewrites the address of your site without telling our system what address you're really at, it prevents several of the features we offer from working correctly. To point your domain name to your website correctly, please follow the instructions listed above for changing the name servers for your domain.

    If you already have email addresses at an existing domain name and would rather use your existing email service rather than using ours, before you point your domain name to our name servers you'll need to contact your current email provider and ask them to send you the "MX records" for your domain. These are the addresses of the mail servers you're using. You'll need to forward that information to us so we can point the email for your domain to your existing email service. You can then point the name servers for your domain as listed above.

    3. Having Email With Your Domain Name

    If you have a personalized domain name (e.g. pointing to your website and would like email, please contact us at or at 1-877-769-3836.

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    Call toll free 1-877-769-3836 ( Mon. to Sun. 9am to 5pm EST ) or Chat Live